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Corrosion Resistant Coatings


Corrosion Resistant Coatings
Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Corrosion resistant coatings protect metal components from the environmental effects of corrosion from salt water, moisture, weathering and industrial chemicals. During the coating process metal wire or powder is fed at a controlled rate into a flame or arc spray system and the atomized metal bonds to the surface of the substrate, providing a durable, protective barrier.

Zinc and zinc/aluminum alloys are best suited for use in coatings to protect iron and steel products from corrosion in many exposure conditions. Dense coatings applied with ThermoCermet's thermal spray process will give bond strengths in excess of 12,000 psi, hardness in the 55-72 Rc range, high density, typically with less than 2% porosity, excellent resistance to reciprocating wear and fretting. Coatings will extend the service life of a component 30- 40 years.


Zinc coatings are widely used to protect structural steelwork for buildings and bridges, as well as plate, sheet, tube and pipe products. The application of zinc to an iron substrate forms a protective layer and results in a corrosion protection referred to as cathodic protection or sacrificial protection. In this process, the iron substrate becomes the cathode and the zinc coating becomes the sacrificial anode.

Thermal sprayed zinc coatings are an excellent alternative to hot dipped galvanizing in many applications for reasons of effectiveness and economics. Two disadvantages of the hot dipped galvanizing process are the high cost of fuel to heat the galvanizing dip and the loss of zinc when parts are removed. Thermal sprayed coatings by comparison use much less energy and generate little waste of precious materials. It is also environmentally friendly with no VOC’s involved in the coating process.

Non-corrosion coatings for marine applications are effective in protecting the ship's hulls and ballast tanks, rigs and other installations. High purity zinc and a range of special alloys are used for cathodic protection to ensure that the surface remains active.

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What is Thermal Spray?

Thermal spraying is a group of coating processes in which metallic and non-metallic materials are deposited in a molten or semi-molten condition to form a coating. Coating materials include metals, alloys, carbides, ceramics, plastics, cermets, composites and blended materials.

It is a versitile, cost effective solution to protect and extend the surface life of components in nearly every industry, from electronics, to nuclear, military and aerospace.

About ThermoCermet

ThermoCermet is a division of Hitec Products Inc., a global supplier of strain gages/sensors and proud to be an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company.

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