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Our application engineers continually work with customers to find custom coating solutions that fit their application needs. If you would like help with an application, please provide the information listed below, and one of our technical associates will be happy to contact you.

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What is Thermal Spray?

Thermal spraying is a group of coating processes in which metallic and non-metallic materials are deposited in a molten or semi-molten condition to form a coating. Coating materials include metals, alloys, carbides, ceramics, plastics, cermets, composites and blended materials.

It is a versitile, cost effective solution to protect and extend the surface life of components in nearly every industry, from electronics, to nuclear, military and aerospace.

About ThermoCermet

ThermoCermet is a division of Hitec Products Inc., a global supplier of strain gages/sensors and proud to be an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company.

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